E-Class Hearse

Introducing a Design Process Without Compromise

In setting out to design the Duffy E-Class Hearse we took a “no compromise” approach. Our aim was to exceed our customers’ expectations, all while maintaining traditional design aesthetics in keeping with a timeless and classic style.

OEM Level Interior

Only the highest quality materials are selected for use. From technical suade fabrics to chromed deck fittings, no area is left unconsidered.

Olive Espane Brown Deck Laminate
Vogue Grey Deck Laminate

Deck Laminates

Choose from a range of traditional & modern deck laminates.
Options include the more traditional Amber Burl finish, Vogue Grey offers customers an opportunity to set a modern and elegant accent in keeping with the rest of the vehicle. Olive Espana strikes a balance between traditional styling and progressive design.

Introducing a Class Leading Engineering Process

Electric Advantage

The E-Class Hearse is now available with an electrically operated rise & fall deck system. Silent operation allows for discrete usage to facilitate loading and unloading in all situations.

Electric Hearse Deck in Lower Position
Electric Hearse Deck Opening with Retracting Blind

Rise & Fall Deck

The deck system was designed with ease of use, reliability and safety in mind. With multiple automatic checks in place before the deck can be operated, Funeral Directors can be confident the rise & fall deck is suitable for frequent use.

Introducing Unrivalled Attention to Detail

Great lengths to ensure our design vision is realised in manufacture. With Finnish glass selected for its optical quality, German aluminium extrusions and Canadian deck these are just a few of the details which go into building a Duffy Hearse.

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A Hearse to Your Individual Specification

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