E-Class Limousine

Introducing a Design Process Without Compromise

OEM Level Interior

Materials and stitching are matched to the highest standards across all trim options. No restrictions are placed on the base vehicle trim and personalisation is always encouraged.

Mercedes Limousine interior in black leather with glass roof
Mercedes Limousine interior in macchiato beige leather with electric windows

Electric Windows

Fully Operational Electric windows are available on the center doors. This includes OEM pinch protection, full control & isolation from the drivers console.

Introducing a Class Leading Engineering Process

The development of the 213 Series Limousine was the most advanced development process ever undertaken by Duffy Coachbodies. Utilising state of the art CAD & CAM systems every aspect of the manufacture process was examined from first principles.

Driver Protection

Engineering to leave no trace once removed,
While still providing a continious seal around the shatterpoof Polycarbonate upper screen and lower upholstered panel.

Limousine front seats with isolation screen
Limousine passenger compartment with isolation screen

Passenger Isolation Division

Designed to match the original vehicle aesthetics seamlessly.
Features include extended air ducts & integrated footwell for passenger comfort, all while maintaining the highest level of isolation between the passenger & driver compartments.

Progressive Luxury,
Prepare for a Leap Forward in Design

Duffy Limousines are manufactured with an undisputed “factory finish”.  Our latest safety laminated glass roof stretches over the entire passenger compartment, creating an impressively spacious limousine. Our center bench seat was carefully styled to maximise passenger comfort while maintaining its distinctive Mercedes style.

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Mercedes E-Class Limousine Avantgarde Specification

A Limousine to Your Individual Specification

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